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A Guide to Choosing a Paint Sheen

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Enhance the allure of your chosen paint color by opting for a sheen that elevates the overall aesthetic of your space. Sheen gauges the light reflection off painted surfaces, creating either a shiny or matte effect.

Paint sheens range from a no shine to a high-gloss spectacle. The sheen of your paint not only impacts color appearance but also contributes to dimensional room effects. Here are the most common interior paint finishes you're likely to encounter:

1. Flat

2. Eggshell

3. Satin

4. Semi-Gloss

5. High Gloss

Flat Paint - Embrace the no-sheen allure with flat paint, offering a flawless finish ideal for ceilings and low-traffic zones. Its forgiving nature conceals imperfections, but exercise caution in high-traffic areas due to potential staining challenges.

Best used for: ceilings, walls in low traffic areas

Eggshell Paint - A favorite among professionals, eggshell finish combines low-sheen elegance with remarkable durability. Versatile and easy to clean, it bathes your beloved spaces in a soft glow, casting colors beautifully.

Best used for: low-mid traffic area, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms

Satin Paint - Satin paint boasts a slightly higher gloss than eggshell, superior stain resistance, and enhanced durability. Ideal for spaces desiring definition, it lends a distinctive lustre to windows, trim, and interior doors.

Best used for: high traffic areas, trims, doors, cabinets

Semi-Gloss Paint - Luminosity meets sophistication in semi-gloss paint, perfect for highlighting architectural details. With a smooth, furniture-like finish, it adds dimension to trim, and doors.

Best used for: trims, doors, cabinets

High Gloss Paint - At the pinnacle of sheen, high gloss delivers a mirror-like finish, ensuring durability and elegant shine and offers a stunning aesthetic. While interior designers often experiment with it in unconventional areas, its application requires professional expertise for careful execution.

Best used for: certain types of cabinets, some feature wall details

We can help make choosing a paint sheen easier. For your next painting project, contract Residential Revival Painting & Decorating to bring a touch of expertise and finesse to your space.


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